Home for the holidays and my step dads drunk and screaming for a fist fight. Current mood: Childhood PTSD.

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    There's a reason I don't have parents anymore.
    Things like this are one of them.
    Not wanting my children around them is another.
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    Thanks root. Tfw.

    Hes now claiming hes high on meth and talking in veiled threats about his gun.

    Irishmen can be the worst sometimes.

    I love him but the limey bastard needs to go to bed and stop causing trouble.
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    Police came back and arrested him. This isn't a joke post.

    I'm now writing a deadman switch for selenium in case he ever kills my mom or I. Maybe someone would be willing to host it and we can allow signups for battered women/families lol.

    That way if I never return at least devrant will get some free publicity and we can help some people.
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    @Wisecrack there's a big difference between a dead man switch and a I forgot to log to the website to say I'm alive switch "lol".

    If the situation is that bad, please get a restraining order, and always keep pepper spray on you in the meantime. (Or fight the bitch)
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    @MagicSowap cant. Hr supports my mom, my sister's and brother. I can barely support myself working minimum wage.
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    @Wisecrack I dont think he will support you for long in that state.
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    It's a relapse on his part. And I cant move them in with me (1 bedroom apartment). You're right though.
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    it sounds like an awful situation, I hope this problem resolves for you
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