I got the new 16" MacBook Pro as birthday + Christmas gift from my parents and now I'm super inspired to learn some proper languages to do some coding with (like Python) since I'm only familiar with basic HTML and CSS.

It's funny how one computer can boost my morale to learn some new stuff! :D

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    Knows basic HTML and CSS
    Signs up for devRant
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    @odite I'm interested in coding and I had a DevRant account but I deleted it since it had my deadname. :/
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    @Girubert not knocking you for it, mate. Welcome 😊
    just pointing out it's a strange occurrence
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    @odite My bad! Dyslexia is strong with me but thank you! I'm having a blast learning something useful after doing basic web design for too many years. :D
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    Nice gift, and good luck on your codeventure.

    Now don't take this as making fun of you..... but someone's going to spot the following and have a but hurt around here.

    "Proper languages"
    "like python"

    ooh this will be an interesting day. 🍿

    Ps: I bought a new domain to do something with, so excuse me while I think of something christmas'sy to make.
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    Before learning any language, get a laptop and install linux.

    Leave your shiny macbook just for show, as it should be
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    First tip, don’t mix Python and ‘proper language’ in the same sentence :-)

    And welcome!
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    Get Homebrew package manager and install some functionalities to the command line which are missing on default macOS. From that point it‘s great to work on it.
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    YML with logic aka Python
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    I'm a PHP dev who dabbles in Node, other front-end JS, and I'm starting in Java for my new job. Forget the haters and do what's right for you. Python, PHP, and Java are all great if you want to be able to find a job easily. Become an expert and they're great if you want to make low to mid six figures in America (outside California). If a language is open-source, easy to learn, and has a decent following...you'll be able to find work and thrive for years to come. Don't follow fads. Look at what happened to the supposedly superior Ruby on Rails. The key is...the best man doesn't always win. Don't strive for perfection. Strive for marketshare.
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    @Girubert what do you mean by deadname?
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    @odite My birth name. I'm not using it anymore. :)
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    I second what @Stebner55 said. Hating on Python is currently in fashion here. Ignore the haters, Python will be an excellent addition to your "tool belt".

    Good luck, and what a nice gift. I hope you're happy with it and that it will serve you well.
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