One time I applied for a contract position for a company and get an email the next day asking for an interview two days later which I accept and attend. They want someone to convert their website from Wix to WordPress while keeping the same look, I would have about a month to do it (then after that create an e-commerce page). So far I can do that. They email me 2 hours after the interview asking for a 2nd interview on the following Monday which I accept and attend. There I meet one of the founders (I guess) and he really asks me about SEO and what keyword tool I use (they didn't ask about seo keywords in the job posting or at the 1st interview) then he tells me that the website needs to be converted over in 4 days (instead of the 1 month I was told 2 days earlier). Then he asks what I quote. I gave him a number (less than $10,000) and he looked at me like I had 3 heads, I then said I needed some time to come up with a quote. He said no problem, email the guy who 1st interviewed you the quote before the end of the day and if we like it you will start tomorrow.

I then went to a nearby restaurant and thought it over then made up an email telling him that I wouldn't take on the project. There were so many red flags, and the fact that they want it done in 4 days would have meant working at least 12 hour days. A couple of hours later I emailed them to say no, they didn't reply and their website is still on Wix today.

If something needs to be done quickly then know it's going to cost you (and tell someone your budget in the 1st interview).

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    Dodged a bullet I'd say.
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    @Fast-Nop Yep I think so as well. There were too many red flags.
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    @Fast-Nop a bullet? Sounds like a barrage of bullets lol
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    @Stuxnet hahaha so true. You deserve an upvote for that.
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    @ThereIsNoCloud based off the red flags I'mma bet they wanted to have this shit done in four days for probably like $250 or something absurd like that lol
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    @Stuxnet lol, I have no clue what their budget is.
    They did say during the 2nd interview they aren't afraid to spend a bit of money (instead of using bluehost as their WordPress site host they switched to Godaddy).
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    @ThereIsNoCloud "a bit" is still subjective.

    To me, $250 is a bit of money for anything (outside of major things, but you get the point lol).
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    @ThereIsNoCloud OMFG they're really that cheap.
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    @Stuxnet Yeah I $250 is enough that I'd be hesitating to spend that much on a pipe. Fuck, even on a phone. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop I was looking at getting some douchepods but even then my cheap ass was like "do I really need it?" and talked myself out of it after like 15 minutes.

    I'd rather water for the PixelBuds anyways
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    The biggest red flag to me was them wanting a Wix site converted to Wordpress... like why??

    On the subject of CMSes, have you heard of CraftCMS? Check it out when you have the time...
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    @DavinaLeong Because they don't care whether their website is crap - but the vendor lock-in of Wix sucks on top of that.
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