You know how 1/3 of us die from cancer..

It's lottery time !

Is that lump in my testicle cancer or not ?

Has it spread ?

Will I die before I finish typing this out..

Who knows !

I can't die yet, I haven't finished my App's !

I'll keep you updated.

Obviously, if I don't, I died..

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    Obligatory 🚩
    Keep us updated at regularly intervals
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    no updates in 15 minutes? Well he dead
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    I've read a fair bit that says cancer is pretty common and often comes and goes on its own. Not sure how much I believe it though.

    But honestly, I kind of think chemo is scarier. Not only is it expensive as hell, but it totally messes you up and causes lasting and chronic problems for the remainder of your life. At least you don't die of cancer though.

    But I also kind of wonder why there isn't a cure yet -- cancer research gets many billions of dollars in donations every year. then again, it gets billions of dollars in donations every year. If there was a cure, that money would stop. Oncologists also make more than any other doctor, I believe, and if there was a cure that was cheaper (and less toxic) than chemo... their field wouldn't be so lucrative anymore. I can see some people kinds of protecting that pretty vigorously.

    I hate to sound like this, but it really makes me wonder.
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    yes i can not die too because i have unfinished games in heroes 3
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    LASERS! Well... Kinda... Microwaves to be exact.
    The main problem with cancer treatment is that it is spread through out the body. (the ones we treat with chemo). The ones that are lumped together we usually cut out, since it is cheaper than the multi-thousand dollar devices.
    The main problem still is the targeting system. Latest try AFAIK is the AI trained targeting system. Someone even created a public initiative to train the AI, first training the people to spot cancer on MRI videos.
    Anyway, if someone finds an exact/quick/non intrusive way to pinpoint cancer cells will make some serious cash. Maybe just not to release the technology to the public.
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    4 hours, no updates. RIP @Nanos
    I guess that explains what the lump was.
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    @Root Cancer is not a single disease. Also, the process of developing a treatment is shit, it takes too long and it has crazy requrements. Just hope that cryofreezing works...
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    @scor Those markers are very common in biology. Nothing new. As i said cancer isnt a single disease. Certificates and other requirements really hinder the development of potential cures. At least we are protected from snake oils...
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    @Root people cant make properly running software for machine which they design, but you think that killing your own cell without killing other, because they different by small factor is easy?

    Esthetic medicine is the most lucrative as far as I know and in Poland it isn`t that hard to earn more as Dev than doctor.

    Chemotherapy is also underestimated, a few weeks ago doctor show me how chemotherapy improve look of some patients with breast cancer, also they feel better. For skin cancer they have patients whose survive a few years, but before it was a few months to live after diagnosis.

    Huge progress in this field, but it is fucking hard
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    Man just cut the testicles. And to be safe cut the penis too
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    @scor thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not exactly living above my means to afford getting to NL any time soon ;D
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    Still alive.

    I'm reminded a very smart friend of mine who found out they had cancer, spent $150k on various treatments around the world, after researching 500+ cancer treatments.

    Still died..

    I dunno if they tried:


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    Interestingly I was reading in a Chinese study that having your testicles removed on average gives you 10 more years of life.

    So if they are cutting a lump out, or a testicle, I might ask them to take both..

    I wonder if you keep just one, if you live 5 years longer.. ?
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    Trying one of the Saxx products, and it is more comfortable than anything else I've tried so far.

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    @Nanos I am not a doctor, but came from medical field, if you have good doctor they will tell you if it increase your liftime by cutting them off or don't. Sometimes it is good to cut sometimes not (for sure in breast cancer, because scars could be painful and surgery isnt without its own risks). Oncology is very rapid field of medicine, even drugs for cancer has faster procedure for approval.

    Don`t panic, take care about your body and mind, excercise if you can and don't force yourself over limits. If prolonged chemio is necessary take it (sometimes increase chances for surviving fold times).
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    @HitWRight AI...

    I just hate how people think Ai will solve everything.
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    @Gregozor2121 What's wrong with AI? It works wonderfully when you need to recognize patterns.
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    You mean AI can't help me to get a date.. ?
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    @HitWRight There is nothing wrong.
    I just have old sceptical man syndrome.
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    @Nanos Well...
    Girl: Wow you are so smart!
    You: Maybe it is because my brain is big?
    Girl: What else is very big?
    You: My neural network...
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    I've had dates say I'm scary smart.

    Those didn't lead to a second date..

    I do try and dumb it down sometimes, but it is very difficult to keep my mouth shut. :-)
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    @Nanos You should NOT fake, imagine that thing happening but in a time when she cant easily quit.
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    I can see its wrong to fake being rich when you are poor, but what could be wrong about faking being dumb when you are smart ?

    I am reminded of an ex who after we split, mentioned she had been having awful trouble with her car for months and months, it was overheating and she taken it to several garages, all of who charged her a small fortune and didn't fix the problem.

    She said to me "Oh its a shame you don't know anything about cars.."

    I said I knew a little bit, I could have a look..

    The plug to the fan controller was broken, it kept falling out, so I fixed that with a piece of wire I found in the gutter next to the car..

    5 minutes later, fixed.

    She said to me "Why didn't you tell me you could fix cars!"

    I told her, "You never asked.."
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    @Nanos Faking being stupid is sometimes interpreted as being completly stupid and hopeless in every field that you havent studied (a lot of people are like that too...)

    There is nothing wrong about hiding your abilities. But faking them completly and showing off a completly closed attlitude, might be.

    Im just a yougster. Dont take life advice from me. Im always a devils advocate, because there is always the other posibility.
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    I'm confused by the "closed attitude" part, are we talking about pretending to be something more than you are, or less ?

    If less, I don't see being stupid has to do with a closed attitude ?

    Though I do come across a lot of bright people who aren't quite bright enough with a closed attitude. :-)
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    > Im just a yougster. Dont take life

    > advice from me.

    Why not. :-)

    I knew plenty of wisdom about stuff when I was younger.

    I just know a bit more now since I've tried things and found out how they work better..
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    See a doctor, cancer sucks but theres too many types and too many situations to say if it's life threatening or not. For some skin cancers you literally can get a cream to get rid of it. As long as it didn't spread it can simply be removed. Cancer is in general just a group of your own cells that didn't get the protein command to stop replicating or that got the wrong command and started turning into something they aren't supposed to, like skin cells inside your lungs and such. Usualy the body can handle these problems and if not its often even safe to leave the cancer where it is, its not always dangerous, its not a desease that actively attacks your body. It's just a dumb bunch of your own cells. The problem begins if it's simply not stopping to grow and starts affecting other organs by growing too big in them. And worse if it breaks apart and enters the bloodstream, travels everywhere and starts growing everywhere...

    Its scary, but its not as simple as cancer == death. Stay calm
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    @Hazarth sometimes it starts to produce hormons or other things and fuck with you. Some skin cancer give you a few months of lifespan (some time ago, currently if treatment starts to work you have a few years at least).

    Cancer is like knife, sometimes scary sometimes pretty charmless and usually you can take it easy, but worth to keep eye on it ;)
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    @Nanos The meaning is: it is easy to fake 1 small thing but not huge parts of somebodies personality.

    I had a example in my head but it is difficult to show the whole situation in a short way.
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    Lump gone, no pain now.

    Wearing tighter underwear. :-)

    FX [ Still wonders what lump was.. maybe my old plumbing is leaking internally.. ]
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    @Nanos Nice to hear that
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    No doubt something else will kill me eventually. :-)

    If only we could get our bodies repaired more easily..
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    @Nanos sadly it is bunch of legacy code in our bodies so it is better to take care at beginning rather than try to fix later and as far as know rewrite isn't option 😃

    We all gonna die, but it is better to die with comfort rather than struggle to breath. So take care about you and best wiches
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    I'm going to fight to the end to try and fix myself. :-)

    Meanwhile I can enjoy the joys of being alive and lonely...

    Oh look, another day tomorrow of being alone, what fun !

    Still, who knows what the future might bring..

    Well, actually, being how I've been alone for the last 8 years, I predict that I might be alone for another 8 years, unless I can change things..

    Then the question becomes, what to change..

    And then, how to change it..

    And then, do I have the resources to change it !

    I think I can change the future, so I'm at least going to try.

    I keep trying.

    No doubt until I die !

    I'm stubborn like that. :-)

    But I do try and learn and adapt.

    Which should be easier these days with the internet, but still wisdom is hard to find on important issues.

    So far, I can say, programming is a useful skill to cultivate.

    Oh and weight training so you can get strong, since strength is very useful.

    And avoid being overweight..
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