Why TF to I have to authenticate with GPR just to download a *PUBLIC* package??

Why not just use Gradle's *BUILT IN* GitHub package loader? What's the point of this service?!??

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    Also, hi. It's been a while. I've lost over 1000 upvotes since I was last here. Good to know that some day, I can hit 40k for the fifth time
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    Welcome back, and back to the 30k club you go...
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    @ewpratten I constantly lose upvotes as well haha.

    Recently reached 153K for the twenty trillionth time!
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    @C0D4 thanks for bringing me back to the 30k club!
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    @linuxxx my evil plan is working, how else do I catch up to you in ++?

    On a serious note it would be nice to know who's dropping away but then I fear that would create some privacy issues of its own.
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