Okay, not the worst thing ever... but my laptop... It turns of the display after a while if no button is pressed. Normal, right? I have to press any key to wake it up.

But if I leave it for a while, then it goes into suspend mode. Now I have to press the power button to wake it up...

But if it has only turned the screen off, or in fact if it is running, the power button means suspend.

So, whenever I press the power button and it hasn't suspended yet, I see the screen flare to live just to watch it suspend.

And that's annoying. I will now rebind the suspend button, but I actually liked to quickly send it to suspend that way.

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    I mean you can always enable USB or kbd/mouse events as wake-up triggers..

    Spacebar would wake it up from either state
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    Escape or the arrows are my favorites
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    Or... stop using those stupid features, and turn the laptop off?
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    Use a meta key like control. They're on a corner, and they don't do anything by themselves. Perfect wake up keys.
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    or you close the lid and reopen.
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    Or you can change what the power button does. How often do you use that instead of closing the lid?
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