With you, even writing unit tests is fun!
I like you more than stack traces in an error message

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    Oh these are gooood
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    Compliments? Sound like pickup lines found in Tinder
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    Aawwww.. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😊

    *sexual harassment whistle is about to blow thanks to your stack trace compliments
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    @netikras wait what? I don't report people for sexual harassment unless they give me a damn good reason to do so^^
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    @asgs I'm not on Tinder, and I just came up with those 🤷‍♀️
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    @netikras Could be far worse.

    "Your code is so beautiful you make my stack overflow!"
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    @RagingCodeChimp first of all: eww 😅
    Secondly, if you do have a a stack overflow, that's a hell to debug 😅
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    @CoffeeNcode yeah, and thats why I don't use recursion if there is a remote chance that the data set will be huge. Better to use partitioning, streaming or even loops for processing in those cases. Depends a lot on the data tho.
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