To be fair, Computer Science wasn't really a passion of mine. My parents, who wanted a quick buck when I graduate, chose the degree for me. They threatened not to pay for my college education if I took nothing else aside from Computer Science, and I was so engrossed with Molecular Biology that time. We were actually poor and the prospect of living with, at that time, toxic parents, for the rest of my life terrified me.

Then when I began to code for the first time, I realized I was so good at it and I loved it. I like worming my way through computers and how they work. I do get frustrated from time to time, but the sweet release of having solved a problem before excited me and I wanted to experience that again and again. It's a drug.

Long story short that's how Jenny became a dev.

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    Welcome to codeaholics anonymous.

    You're first step to greatness is accepting you have a problem with the rush of success.
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    Keep on with the molecular bio in your free time. I’m sure they could use some talented coders too!
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    @broseph that's a great idea. May be a software for microbiologist can be made.
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    @broseph Was going to say that. Bioinformatics is a growing field and I'm sure knowledge of both molecular biology and programming is potentially lucrative if you find the right role
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    Parents always know what is best for ya biatch
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    @arcioneo Except when they assume either that programmers play all day or that anyone who takes CS will become an IT support guy. Neither of these beliefs is particularly uncommon. The path they choose is "usually" lucrative ( unless the world had changed, which it did ), and one "might" like it, but that's basically luck. I've never heard of parents caring about whether their children will hate every second of their readymade life.
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    That feeling, that rush, it's a delirium of omnipotence.
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    You from india? I have literally read today indian parents forcing their kids to software dev.
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    @aviophile I'm from the Philippines
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