Update: The accountant (wife) restored the database herself.

She also plans to fire the incompetent ones.

What a pleasant twist.

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    I read your story, good news for a change! How about you throw out your boss and take his soon to be former wife for yourself? She is accountant AND knows competence when she sees it...
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    nice. what an unexpected twist to your problems 😂
    maybe offer her to help finding competent new teammates
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    Meaning her hubby?
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    When's the movie adaptation of this saga being released?
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    Guess there will be a shifting in the hiring responsibilities. Perhaps you could make a suggestion to the accountant that you would be happy to assist her in choosing tech staff?
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    I just caught up on this. Quite the holiday saga! I'm glad it has a happy ending
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    @netikras Her husband and the friends of his that he hired instead of competent staff. :')

    I swear I could hear the divorce papers in her voice.
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    @NeatNerdPrime Wouldn't that just be a blockbuster ending to all of this, lmao!
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    @Fast-Nop She told me she is relying on me to help bring in good people.
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    Imagine being so incompetent that even a person with a non technical title, can do the technical part better.

    ++ for the cool accountant wife, i feel sorry for her that she have to be around that fool all the time.
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    @SiinaCutie that's awesome! You go!
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    Where's the original rant?
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    @DutulescuRemus On my profile. :P
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