- Get new job, current one don't cut it for me. Preferably from Japan.
- "Release" my rust side project.
- Start develop more with C++.
- And make more side projects

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    Why Japan? Their work environments are fucked up
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    @Mosesrocks not really. Plenty of american friends living there are completely happy with the working environment and of the 3 that I know 2 are absolute lazy mfkers. The last one is a Mexican girl, she says that shit is not nearly as bad as in Mexico. The whole "kill yourself for work" is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.
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    I'm currently doing my masters in Tokyo, been here for around a year and a half. The thing is, from my own experience and from what friends tell me, it's not really about the workload.

    The problem is that japanese people have this mentality that "more hours spent at work = more work being done" whereas they're just stretching out simple tasks over many hours. At least that's what I see everyday in my laboratory. Another thing is that a lot of Japanese people have 0 emotional intelligence when it comes to dealing with foreigners. (Again that's my personal experience, and I'm not generalizing)

    Don't get me wrong. Some japanese people are very hard working and passionate about their tasks. Also living here is very nice, everything is really convenient. But I guess you have to experience it for yourself if you want to work here.

    Personally, I can't see myself spending more than 2 more years here.
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    "When in Rome."

    You're a guest. Never try to change people is what I've learned. Only try to be willing to be *changed* by people.
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    @Wisecrack Tbh, I'm not trying to change anyone (except that one guy who wants to live abroad), but I keep being astounded at how people do things here. Not to speak of the daily passive aggressive racism that you have to deal with here. It probably stems from them not knowing any better, but it's incredible how oblivious they are to it.

    I would honestly not recommend any foreigner to come live here.
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