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    Thats gonna take more than a year
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    @tekashi is right, it’s gonna take at least 3-4.

    But java is easy, of you really stick to it you might get it in 2 if you already know other languages.
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    @tekashi thanks for the suggestion but I already know the oop fundamentals and basic java. Just have to learn the nuances by doing. Hopefully I'll be able to make it in one. If not there's always time :P
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    @tekashi why? Learn it in 1 year is more than doable. Just prep for the practitioner's exam and you'll be set in a few months!

    Learning frameworks [spring] on the other hand will take significantly longer. Half a year to a year if you do your best.

    Learning patterns - another few months.

    Using all this knowledge irl and not forgetting some of the things - that's another few years.

    So I guess it all depends in DoD.
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    @netikras what the fuck is a practitioners exam
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    @tekashi my bad. I meant Associate. Java cert exam
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