Websites be like

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    Next stop, full screen modals.

    These anti cookie banners are stupid, and there's not an opt-out button, so regardless of how big that useless pop up is, it's still not compliant.
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    There is a super browser extension, to get rid of these.

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    @blubberfish oooh, "installs to
    Have a ++ for your wisdom!
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    @C0D4 on Firefox Android you can install extensions, just search in the Mozilla add-ons (don't know how it is with chrome, opera...)
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    @blubberfish on my phone, but chrome store let's me install to to pc browser
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    @C0D4 If you ignore the popup or better yet, hide it, you haven't accepted it, therefore they can't store anything.
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    @Jilano except 99.9% of them are "get fucked, you're accepting this or you can go away" banners.

    It's odd to come across one with a "no" button or the pain in the ass a few have that list every cookie tracker they have with toggles you give up on.

    To my understanding, the GCPR is an opt-in model not an opt-out model.

    The grey area of that law is "you opt in just by being here"
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    @C0D4 You're most definitely right! But in addition to @blubberfish's link, there's also some lists that you can add to uBlock Origin to hide them automatically. It's a must have if you clear your cookies whenever you close your browser.
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    they do be like that lol
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