So my Goals for 2020 are:
- finish my Bachelors degreee
- get a full time job as a backend dev
- build my own Server at home for dev, media Streaming/transcoding and gaming

and if I have enough spare time, I want to try to build my own voice assistant or at least a chat-bot assistant for my home. Fuck Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

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    For building your own voice assistant, have you considered Hound (from the makers or SoundHound)?

    I don't work for them, but I use Hound for iphone all the time over Siri and I just don't trust google
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... I've looked through the site and they expose an API that might just be free for non-commercial uses and is very natural. Oh, and you can provide your own "start phrase" like "hey siri" or whatnot.

    I hadn't thought of doing something like this, building "my own" voice assistant, but I want to try it out. It looks like it'll be fun. Thanks for sharing your idea.

    Good luck! Feel free to add to this thread if/when you do get an assistant together.

    P.S: I just signed up for a developer account on houndify.com
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