Well I ran Kubuntu on my phone a couple of days ago.

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    Excuse the shit quality screenshot
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    @CircuitRCAY can you upload it to https://imgbb.com/ or something like that?
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    Really expected you here.
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    @metamourge I have to say, I thought the same. @Haxk20 has been underwhelming this year (so far)
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    @Jilano Fuck you.
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    @metamourge Fuck you too
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    And why the fuck would you run that cancerous piece of shit on your phone ?

    Ohh jeeez.

    You want me to go blind ?

    Well that might happen if im not careful with the laser i got. anyways


    It will run like shit.

    You cannot run shit on it because its ARM kubuntu.

    Also it will break in short while as the ARM version is crap.

    TBH i woudlnt even run chrooted Arch on phone.

    If we are talking on native port of Arch on your phone i would congratulate you but this crap ? NOPE
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    @skuzzymiglet0 Why would you want screenshot of that jeeez ? Isnt the devRant one good enough to see that there is literally nothing to see on it ?
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    @metamourge "Hey, you know who I thought was the author of this rant? @Haxk20 exactly. You guessed right. I wonder what he's up to nowadays..."

    @Haxk20 Quite happy, actually
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    @Jilano i heard he is taking break from everything for two weeks or so.
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    @Haxk20 That actually makes sense. I saw him yesterday, and let me tell you, he was looking awful. I barely recognised him at first... Well, hopefully he'll get through whatever is bothering him and will soon feel better!
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    @Jilano Are you sure that was his ? I talked with him yeasterday and he wore a full on suite and was out of town thus the break.

    As he put it he just needs to get break from this fucking world.
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    Also WTF are we doing LUL ? Lets stop LOL.
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    @Haxk20 "It's called role playing! Gosh, Mum! You don't understand anything!"

    (@Root is the Mum I imagine)
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    @Jilano I know jeez. I mean i was talking about myself in 3th person. Weird AF but hey it was cool. We should troll people like that. They will go like WTF or be cool and join in.
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    @Haxk20 I only did this for the joke (and I don't have it installed any longer, and it's not native)
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