Dev Goals for 2020? Finish the tutorials and actually become a Dev!

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    Good luck! Self taught is a hard way, but in the end more rewarding (at least in my opinion).
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    @PublicByte thanks, it's a slow process, but given the discipline I'll get there.
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    Good luck! The beginning is a bit hard, but it gets easier along the way once you've started.
    Which tutorials are you planning on completing this year?
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    @GXGOW Thank you!
    At minimum the "Responsive Web Design" and "JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures" on freeCodeCamp.org plus the following 3 if I have time.

    The first two are some of the requirements of this bootcamp course that I want to apply to called Founders and Coders.
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    Tutorials are a good way to start and get familiar with the language or principles you're learning. After that, you can start playing around with what you've learned in hobby projects. That's the best way to 'master' things along the way in my opinion.
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