Studying to become a Web Developer, what are the possibilities of eventually transitioning towards something like Artificial Intelligence within the Web Dev field?

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    Usually low, pickup python as you're backend language and you could probably transition as you go.
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    @AleCx04 you wanna chime in?
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    @Stuxnet sure do what @C0D4 is true, particularly if you buy into the whole "yoU doNt Need MatH tO bE a DeV" retardedness. I went from web developer, to data analyst and then became manager for the web development department, and while such transitioning is normally unlikely you can maange if you test yourself and teach yourself constantly in the many areas that Artificial Intelligence requires.

    TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS: 1 you **will** need a degree, people already pan on skill and luck to be a web developer, which is honestly one of the lowest forms of development that already exists as in: you can teach yourself and get a job. ON THE OTHER HAND institutions that need data scientist or similar items normally require a degree, there are no two ways about it, we need to know that you can put in the academic effort to study the high level notions to work with an A.I based workflow and 2 you need to be good at it.

    Can it happen without it? i guess, have i ever seen it? no.
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    Good idea!

    Read the book
    First Course in Probability, A | 10th edition | Pearson

    Also brush up your linear algebra knowledge.

    Join the biggest AI Ml forum on the web https://facebook.com/groups/... to keep up to date.

    Learn Python and www.jupyter.org

    Try some steps in Tensorflow.js

    and watch some CodingTrain tutorials on tensorflow js.

    Get a masters degree if you want to make this your main career.
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    @AleCx04 I'm confused, did you just call my suggestion bad?

    I'm not degreed up by any means, but I do believe you need a decent level of math to get past basic webDev.

    Using webDev with the right stack could... push someone into the right direction for AI/ML, but that's not to say the industry doesn't want academics first.
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    @Root in the cloud? Your sooo 2010's. 2020's is all about dominating servers in space!!!

    Sol APis here we come!!!!
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    @Root will that mean I can just tell it what needs to happen and I can just go back to trying to color things 🙄
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    @C0D4 oh not at all my friend, I mentioned that what you said was true in that it is usually low and that our op here should invest some quality time with Python. If anything I felt that I was adding to what you said. You know I got love for u :*
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    @AleCx04 I must have read it wrong 🥰

    To much smoke to deal with today 😂
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    To be honest. The chance is zero. You can teach yourself to use the standard library, yes. But that is far away from becoming an AI engineer. At least a Master will be required for the job. A decent level would be a PhD in CS, Math or Physics.
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    @AleCx04 the whole degree thing has been a bitter truth for me.
    I was forced out of my Computer Science course 2 years ago and now at 26 years old I'm just trying to push through the tutorials to leave my crappy bartending job.

    I was told that Web Dev is the most accessible in my case to reach a developing environment quicker, but working with Machine Learning has always been the dream.
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    you are still young man, plow through it and finish it if life gives you the chance. It is more than grades, college is a chance at luck for those of us that work full time, and I wish you good luck in those endeavors.
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    @Deohgu look you always have the option of creating a physcal product / service that uses machine learning and start a start up. Heck it hasn't even to be true. 😄
    --> https://devrant.com/rants/2016957/...
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    @Root Your grant money is on it's way.
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