React native feels so overwhelming to me 😧

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    Haven't tried it yet, I feel I have just got to grips with normal react. What's overwhelming about it?
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    @Hedgepig I'm moving from phonegap, so pretty much everything 😅
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    @Kantraz ahhh man, my brief moment in phone dev was with Meteor. Which was a case of

    $ meteor add-platform android

    Then build the apk
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    @Hedgepig Basically how phonegap works, it's just a HTML wrapper, so you just have to know HTML, CSS and JS 😄
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    @Kantraz have you worked with react before?
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    @Hedgepig Nope not at all 😊
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    Hahaha it's actually my favourite view layer. Facebook have great documentation I hope you're not neglecting ;)
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