The javascript devs at my company are all young early 20's. My lead and I are in our 40's were reminiscing about the days of BBS's the javascript devs actually had never heard the term before or how we used to do things.

It's then i realized how old i am and how different the world has become. Generational gaps are interesting. I just assumed everyone knew how things started.

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    Some people don't even know how Google and other big names started even though they were alive at the time, so imagine how it is for some kids (especially entitled ones).
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    @hash-table you asked for it from someone here, @theuser did it 🤣.

    It cool dude, we learn from ya that is why were still kids
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    Yeah these young web devs don't know how how low the bit rate of analogue modems was.

    But they do know how to make modern websites so shitty that the actual content loads even slower over broadband than it did over analogue modems in BBS and usenet.
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