Whenever I see people talk about back-end languages/frameworks I always hear nodejs, php, c# and python but rarely ever java yet I see that big corporations are all using java so why does no one talk about? And why do corps love it?

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    because it was the one of the few options available in the 90ties and it ties in nicely with their legacy mainframe infrastructure from the 60ties and they're stuck with it now?
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    Because no serious company would let PHP/JS/Python noobs near their systems.
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    Older systems built on java are easier to maintain as java rather then rewrite.
    Corps won't change stack often so when they invest into a platform or stack, they'll live with it until it's cost effective to change, even if it's a broken pile of shit.

    PHP and python are everywhere,
    and C# is mostly used within windows only environments (mostly is the key word their)

    @Fast-Nop just when I was starting to like you... I'll go walk my noobish php ass out now.
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    @C0D4 I'm an unlikeable grumpy old man, you know.

    As witnessed by the sad state of the average website, the average web dev is a completely incompetent idiot with an IQ below room temperature. It's common sense not to pave the road for these maggots to infect any systems of importance.

    That's rough for the few exceptions who do know what they're doing, but these folks can just as easily learn something else well if they want to.
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    Because java systems dont really need talking about. You can hop into spring boot, code your thing and it will work. Its kinda boring, but companies dont need their servers to run on the latest node that wipes your ass for you, they need them to be reliable.
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    Also if you talk about backend here, you will hear java, i feel like we dont have that many skiddies on devrant but correct me if im wrong.
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    I find it humerous that "Backend" is always used to reference web-development.

    When I hear Backend, all I think about is C/C++, OS stuff (scheduler, interrupts etc.) and other low-level development.

    I'm always confused how PHP and consorts are the first things I read when the Backend is concerned.

    Do over 80% of all devs world-wide only do web-stuff?
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    @Fakerlol It's rather that web dev is over-represented on devRant. Partly because of the low entry barrier, partly because the domain in general has shat so much in its own living room that there's much to rant about.
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    @Fast-Nop ah the avg webdev, yea that's ok, the avg webdev pisses me off too😂
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    @C0D4 Yeah I guess you could break out of that if you wanted. Also, I think that the devs on devRant are above average in general because no average dev would even care enough to rant about dev shit.
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    Because corp needs the product to run well, be flexible, be easily built and maintained and have decent durability. What other language has this? Apart from c# maybe.. Although it lacks flexibility [not cross-platform].

    Php code rots faster than an Opel. Python not backwards compatible [v2 vs v3]. Node - .. Come on, srsly? Corp solutions on js?

    Java is an old-timer, fully supported, 100% backwards compatible [unless you like playing with fire, i.E. Unsafe], stable af, verbose af, has commertial support, easy to write and maintain, cross-platform, performant, etc.

    Why noone complains? Bcz many still think java is dying [for the last 10 years?] and do not invest their time to learn it. And most people here are kids - easily distracted with new and shiny toys, bcz they are so COOL and so RAD and "they are the future". For the next 4 months maybe, but still..

    And the ones who do code java usually know what they're doing. With a single exception of Liferay. Noone likes Liferay and it should burn and vanish from the surface if the Earth. Look it up if you want java-related rants.
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    @heyheni And Java is still "The only free language" in thier mind.
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