I have an important meeting tomorrow and my sleeping has been completely upside down.

It's 5am and I am gonna try to crash til noon or something... That will mostly fix it.

But I just know I won't fall asleep because my brain is stuck on the programming issues I've been working on.

And if I sleep any longer than that, I'm super fucked...

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    Been there... What time do you have the meeting? One night you can do easily without any sleep.
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    What helps me is to fast when I haven't slept for an entire night Somehow it puts my body in "starving" mode and I can focus on things clearly.

    I don't recommend it, because I don't think it's healthy and it makes me crash pretty hard afterwards.
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    @Mosesrocks I do the same, sometimes unintentionally though, because for some reason my appetite drops when I'm sleep deprived. haven't slept either today and I'm feeding myself with caffeine to get through today
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    Rumor has it she fell asleep on her keyboard
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    @electrineer 1pm. I slept way too late, which might have been a good thing. It is almost 8pm and I'm already somewhat sleepy.

    Gonna take melatonin at my usual sleep time and I should be back to normal.
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