I have a question.

I am basically a PHP developer.My specialization is in Wordpress Customization and Frontend HTML CSS JS and bootstrap.

I have an experience of three years and kindaa I dont think so there is so much financial growth in it.

I wanted to move on with Mean Stack. I learned angular and node as a beginner. Do I also need to learn react? Do I also need to do some live projects? Does my experience as php and front end developer counts?

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    Don't sell your experience on a stack as much as your experience as a developer. Don't say "i am a php WordPress dev" take it out on pieces, remove the wordpress part if you need to sell your skills as a php developer, and while moving through tje stack that you want to specialize in them just say developer.

    Mean stack normally puts a specific level of consideration on JS based technologies, this obviously includes Express, the frontend is normally more all including and Node based developers that work in full stack are normally efficient in more than one frontend framework. Your knowledge of php in the backend might help, ideas such as session handling, authorization and authentication as well as database management and such normally transfer out in terms of conceptual knowledge, Node does handle things differently via the http library that most people use(Express), so yes definitely possible.
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    @AleCx04 right bro thats why am not doing hurry in finding job just by learning the basics of node and angular.. I want my hand on live projects too so that I can ask fpr good package and am worth of it.
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    @Jaspreet3480 start building a portfolio! :D best way to show people what you can do and then confidently ask for better work benefits for yourself :D
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    @AleCx04 hey just notice that u r stack developer.
    so I made
    Meeting planner

    and thinking of creating
    expense splitter.

    any other project you wanna suggest. I mean simple application but worth for portfolio 😌
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    @Jaspreet3480 turn you todo app into draggable cards like trello.
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    To complete stuff above, there are conferences and talks about the fact you're not a *insert framework* developer but a software engineer/developer.Sell that
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    @Jaspreet3480 most of the major things that are required, things like proper authorization and authentication, token management, best practices for database transactions and such would be nice to have. Bonus points(in my book at least) if it is being written in something like Typescript. Have fun with it! i think you are probably fine either way since you already have the experience as a developer :D
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