Finally did it and updated my laptop Wifi to WiFi 6 standard.
Now just router and finally finish the CAT6 routing over the house.
And they said cables cant bring joy. Just listen to it.
CAT 6 + WiFI 6 at "Normal" house
That sound just brings joy.
But router has to wait. I dont have 300$ to spend on fucking router jeeez.

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    New router? By a proper AP instead, also CAT 6 is not considered "normal"? 🤔

    When I bought cabling for my place a few years ago, CAT 6 was the only thing they had.
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    @olback I assume you are from a Internet First World Country?(Korea, USA, Canada etc.) Because where im from (Germany) they primarily use CAT5.
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    I buy WIFI CAR (cheapest Asus router) for $30. For any cable connections I use CAT WEILA (what ever is lying around).
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    @olback did you look at the price of wifi 6 AP ? Jeeeez.
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    Just do what I do, wait 20 years and they are $1 second hand on Ebay..

    Plus you get the joy of being able to google the model for sale and find out all the firmware bugs it has and whether its a better choice than the other model for sale with different firmware bugs..

    Or you discover when you buy it, a firmware bug no one else has mentioned and it only works with 99% of your equipment..
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