I stopped eating on my desk a few months ago and I've been witnessing some free entertainment since. I was having breakfast and two women sat at the table beside me. Mother and daughter. The daughter walked towards the restroom door and started knocking. This all happened in a span of five minutes.

Mother: "Make it fast!"

Daughter: "I know! I'm knocking!"

Mother: "What's taking her so long? Oh my god. It's like she (whoever is in the restroom) lives there! Knock some more!" *proceeds to roast whoever is in the restroom*

Daughter: "I already did!" *knocks again*

Mother: "It's 10AM already, let's go!"

Daughter: "Nooo! Emergerrrd I need to pee ashhdkdkeuoakansvttyjj!"

The daughter was jumping up and down throwing a tantrum like she has no strand of pubic hair on her. She looks like she's in her early 20's and is applying for a job.

Another woman sees the commotion and knocks on the door as well.

Mother: "Oh my god, is she dead in there? You should have knocked."

Daughter: "I diiiid!"

So there I was munching on my hash browns, waiting for an employee and her manager to come out, wishing this would be a scene in a porn movie, that the door is closed for so long because someone's fucking in there. Then the mother would confront the scandalous pair and then make it a threesome, drag her daughter in, a foursome. Drag another crew, a few others, a breakfast orgy or some shit.

But life disappoints me as always..

The waitress walked towards the door and pushes it, it opened. Nani?! So that was all for nothing?! But there was supposed to be a corpse in there, right? Or a lewd couple! How can this be?!

Mother: *growls* "You didn't push ittttt!"

It was more entertaining than the two tech leads threatening to punch each other in the face during a go live meeting.

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