Today I found out that my school keeps track of the logins into computers of every student and teacher. The data is saved in folders for the year, subfolders for the month and the username, specific date and time is saved in a .csv file. Any idea what I could do with that, other than displaying the data as graphs?

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    Other than graphs you could probably find outliers that might indicate a security problem, other than that theirs not a whole lot I can think of.

    With that said if your a student I would triple check that you should be able to view this content with IT and Administration, if your not supposed to access it and you use it for something it could come back and bite you.
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    Are these data stored on the individual computers or a centralized server?
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    @tankerkiller125 I think we already have a security problem because should not be able to access that. I my school, on some computers you can open cmd, access certain folder, open options and the taskmanager and on others you cannot. I don't know why it works that way, but the teacher who is responsible for the computer system is not the most suitable person for the job.

    I probably won't even do anything with the data, because I don't have time for that at the moment.
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    Frame a bully for a murder
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    @Sh4d0w Literally had the same at my school, completely fucked security.
    Heck I was able to connect to any PC available in our Network, read files and copy files.

    God fucking damnit those people.

    Also we had SNV, a software which could enable the teacher control over your device.

    Fuck that.
    Simply killed by a taskkill command.

    Fucking hilarious.

    So, whenever I f'd up and was held responsible for something, I used to sell out some vulnerabilities and got away with it.

    Good times.
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    @Ranchu We have a similar software at our school, but I wrote a python script, that just kills the task. And with my other script, that allows everyone, even those who normally couldn't access the startup folder, to add files to auto start, the script just runs everytime at startup.
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    @alexbrooklyn Interesting idea, but we don't really have bullies at my school
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    Isn't that harder to do then just saving everything in a proper database?
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    @Creep The teacher that handles all that probably doesn't know how to use a database
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    @Sh4d0w Felt that 😂 we were able to shutdown other computers in the school network via the "shutdown -s -i" (or whatever the parameters were) windows interface if we knew the ip. Fun times
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    @Sh4d0w hahaha yeah we used batch files cuz they never restricted cmd use and the process didn't have admin level so
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