Why do my Dad and my church-mate slash almost-gym-buddy have to tell me to my face that I am not okay, when in fact, I am okay? Smh. Religious people find out that I, a religious person myself, stay away from sacraments and prayers for the sake of my mental health and they are convinced that I have totally lost it.

Hey guys, you are great to be around. But please. You are not qualified to give me that kind of assessment. My therapist is. She gave me a clean bill of mental health last mid December. Otherwise I would have lost my job you know. She was the one who recommended me to go secular again for the sake of my mental health.

Also Dad, I am disappointed with you. Why do you have to rant about my spiritual state to my trad ex of all people? So what if I don't go to Mass anymore? So what if I don't talk about Catholicism in the table anymore? He doesn't need that information.

For the last time, Carl P**** and Dad. I am okay. I know you read my devRant. I don't need any of the sacraments for now, not even prayers. What I need is focus. I need to be able to do my job well.

Well, now I am not okay. I am now annoyed at the both of you. Leave me alone.

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    Interesting, my therapist gets on my case if I don't participate in my church. He not only focuses on mental health, but whole person health. Which is also spiritual health. What kind of world view does your therapist have?
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    It's not you whom they try to move into more perceived belief. It's that they want to convince themselves. Their own foothold is so weak that your example already shakes them.
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    I went full agnostic, but I usually advice people who have a hard time with some church to attend to a more open minded one.
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    @jesustricks That's hard with a church where rigidity is one of the important structural traits that has given the whole thing stability for nearly 1700 years (if counting from the Council of Nicaea).

    Also, as pope Benedict XVI pointed out, churches (especially protestant, often more lenient) that allow universal priesthood make you wonder what exactly they even need a church body for. Or alternatively, other churches without universal priesthood (e.g. orthodox), but then the situation would be exactly the same as now.
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    So what's next?

    Your dad and friend do not get to write your next chapter, you do.
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    @Fast-Nop good point. I mean one of those churches that are way too lenient, like pro-weed, pro-"any type of art form", pro-gay, pro-anything basically.

    They usually contradict the most (IMO) unequivocal verses in the bible, which makes them weaker theologically speaking, but I'll take a pro-gay christian over an anti-gay christian any day of the week.

    I won't take a gay christian from that specific area though.
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    @jesustricks The irony is that these lenient churches adopt to the current Western zeitgeist and to progressives - that is, to people who not only are mostly not members of any church, but who often aren't even religious.

    The catholic church doesn't adopt because that's their "unique selling point", so to say, and they don't take advice from atheists on how to lead a church. Plus that given the global demographics, I think Western audience probably isn't as relevant to the catholic church anymore as said audience thinks.

    Obviously, the other side of the "stability" coin is that things can get uncomfortable for members.

    As always in life, tracer ammo works both ways.
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