I'd like to share with you this story...
It all started like 3 months ago. It was a cold morning, and I was walking to school. I saw a girl looking at me. She was really cute, she had a beautiful smile. I acted like nothing happened and went on. 2 minutes later I arrived at school and there I see her again. She was at the school gates. The thing didn't surprised me: she looked like my age, maybe a year or 2 older. The weird thing is that she started talking to me (yeah, I know, big thing). I didn't even knew her. She asked me if we could see each other after school. I agreed. (A hot girl that asks me to see each other after school? Hell yeah!😂) So that afternoon we started to talk, and I discovered that she is an year older than me and that she just moved in from Treviso, the city were I was born. And it turned out we had the same passion: computers! She even programmed in C#, my favourite coding language!! So we started to meet each other more and more often. We started to code together. And today we officially got together. I don't really know how that happened, we were like watching this stack overflow post, and she asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend.
Yeah, I know it is weird, but a cute girl that likes computers and actually wants to date me is a rare thing! 😂
That's it. I just wanted to tell y'all this story, even if I know you couldn't care less 😂.
And sorry for my English

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