Furiously added an entry to the company glossary today:

Process Vortex

State of being, in which a developer struggles fruitlessly to deliver value through working code, finding their efforts beset on all sides by process considerations.
Ultimately, the developer achieves nothing but to mentally cycle through a dazzling merry-go-round of process rules and Jira updates.
Left untreated, this condition can quickly degenerate into Atlassian Madness.


Manager: Another code-tastic day in front of the IDE? How's progress on those sweet algorithms we talked about last week?
Developer: Nah, the Delivery Manager threw me into a Process Vortex, I've been trying to climb out all day.
Manager: Eesh - good luck with that!

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    Way to stagnate your gifts. Can't quit because of mortgage , wife , kids ? Find a job or make a job where you get to conceive creat and develop. Don't want to die asking your self . Why? Lol
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