1) Why's our team's junior QA engineer making daily progress reports on Excel from scratch? Dude we've got Azure DevOps. Tech lead is using it. Product owner is using it to make his report to stakeholders. I don't understand.

2) Junior android dev keeps commenting out code instead of deleting them "just in case," so I keep commenting "delet this" in his PRs. He is definitely doing it on purpose. He keeps laughing at my comments though he immediately complies. While I don't think he is mocking me, I am annoyed all the same.

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    Maybe your Junior Dev is like the past me; explain him that source control exists so there is no need to commenting out code.

    Just explain him that and he won't proceed on doing it, i guess.
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    @s0LA okay, imma show him how to view git history tomorrow, thank you
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    The only time when I leave commented code in is when I have an understandable base algorithm and then derive a hard to read but optimised version that gives the same results.

    Especially if the optimised version is using compiler specific hacks that other compilers might not compile, in which case I make both versions compile-time selectable via ifdef.
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    Im a junior and i just comment out code instead of deleting them. Im scared even though theres git. 😭😭
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