Windows 7 users, are you going to update to windows 8 or 10?

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    Governments in the EU have to switch back to Windows 7, because Windows 8+ sends data to US servers without an option to disable it.
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    Windows 8 is silly.

    @PublicByte it is possible, but not in an intended way. :)
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    Neither, I will stop using it and totally switch to Linux (I use Ubuntu at home almost 95% of the time).
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    Windows 8 is just a worse "Windows 10", in my opinion.
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    Win xp best win.
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    I use GNU/Linux but I'll answer your question since I have a Win7 PC too.

    Well, isn't that obvious?

    Fuck no!
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    I have a win7 machine specifically for my 4yo to play games on. Win10 spies far too much, even for that.
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    This reminds me of my virtualbox. I have installed xp inside 7 which is inside 10
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