Ex-Backend dev of my former job decided not to get his back wages because the micromanaging CEO took over the clearance process of issuing the backpay.

In short he will have to sit in his office, hear him rant on how we are bad people, make us sign some sort of gag order telling us not to say anything bad about him or about our former company, then we get our back pay, which is probably just the cost of one sack of rice after all the imaginary deductions he can think of.

We don't understand. It's the HR who takes care of the former employee's back wages. Not the CEO. We don't need to see him in matter like this yet he wants to personally take care of it?

Anyway we chalked it off to the fact that he is a micromanaging asshole who is looking for ways to fuck us up even further through maybe some end-of-employment signing contract so nah, we'll just not get it.

You know, one of the sins that cry out to God for vengeance are unpaid wages. So we'll just fuck up our ex-CEO's chances for salvation by simply not claiming the money we are owed. Why should we have to crawl and grovel for things that are entitled to us by Heaven?

If anything, the CEO should be the one flooding our inbox with messages begging us to take our back wages.

We will probably get our backpay, sure, but if we do, it will be on our terms. Not his. Fuck him.

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    To the extent that I get this story, that shitbag of a CEO does not care about salvation, he'll burn in a special hell, and still be comfortable with it. Therefore I suggest your colleague demand the unpaid wages plus reasonable interest (exact amount spelled out) by letter by a spelled-out date, and if it does not materialize, take legal action, go to the press, and/or similar.
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    IIRC, you're French, and as i remember, the French have a pretty crazy policy on what you can and cannot do to employees. I imagine a short amount of digging or calls to the government will have your CEO up on negligence or, even better, slave labor.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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    If it's known what this CEO's gameplan is, I'd def consult a lawyer to get an idea of how to be forthcoming and collect further evidence, like even having the lawyer send an email to the CEO to request send the backpay immediately per whatever section of law or make an excuse like the lawyer needs evidence of the bank statements of the employee client for tax purposes immediately. If a case is required, it can involve the company's other activities. Note that CEOs are more familiar with lawyers threats than anyone elses.
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