Whoa, I was about a two months away from devRant and when I came back people are trying to make PHP as the new Nickelback for programming? That's just unfair, with both of them. I love Nickelback. I love PHP. PHP was my very first language that I started to study around 11 years ago, when I was just 12. PHP made me get my first job and introduced me to a world where I decided to create my own company, a comic book network. PHP led me to my current path, which I deeply love what I do and I fortunately employ 12 people, which are not even coders! See? One language indirectly affected the life of 12 families. Yes, I discovered new languages that I currently have more fun using like nodejs, but that doesn't mean that PHP sucks. Free and unfounded hate sucks.

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    It's just that lig1 dude trolling php. I'm in your camp.
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    Yeah I don't give a shit either way but I think anything that helps employ people is better than nothing
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