At McDonald's.

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    Oops.. I just noticed that the compression devRant is using fucks this up.
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    Nothing to say but...
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    Tja seems like that's the norm in Germany.

    Yea it's bad.
    Like, in my area literally no month goes by when not a minimum of like 8 stores have either display corruptions, error messages, bluescreens...

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    @Ranchu it truly is, everyday is a new surprise for us
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    This also reminds me of the horrible.. no gruesome standard of technology in german schools, public area, internet speed.

    Generalised, in my opinion, Germany's tech level overall shucks.
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    The only german thing I understand is “Frank ist krank”
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    @Ranchu that's so true lol. The last time I went to McDonald's and ordered smth the terminal crashed and booted into Windows safe boot 😂
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    My Mr. Clippy Rant had a picture of the microsoft paper clip with the word "OBEY" subtly edited in very small font into one of the eyes. Was a beautiful easter egg for people who read my rants.

    Compression fucked it all up. :(

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