Alright, let's play catch up with the past year or so.

In 2018, I was working as a Full-Stack dev for a fashion company. The company was spending 50,000€ a month on User Acquisition, with no retention. We would have company outings and parties every other month or so, but the day to day interactions were terrible with management (micro-management). The company wasn't losing money, but people were leaving almost every month. In fact, on my first day there, it was the intern's last day and 9 people left after that in a course of 8 months. It gets pretty depressing seeing people you just got to know leave the company.
The fashion company spent around 80,000€ for a design agency to do three weeks of work. Two weeks were spent having a brain-storming white board session with the CEO, CFO, and new CTO of the fashion company, and one week was spent doing design work. By design work, I mean changing around a few colors and animations on the Front-end. During this time, we were midway between writing a new Front-end to ReactJS / Redux, while maintaining the old PHP "Front-end" (?) And porting the back-end to AWS. This process took over four months between three developers.

Towards the end of 2018, I was actively looking for new employment, mainly in the games industry. I found one start-up that really liked me and had made me an offer (but more on that shit show later). In the fashion company, the new CTO decided to have one-on-ones with the developers. During this time, I casually mentioned I was interested in the game industry and was looking for employment in it, but I did not mention I had found one. The CTO immediately began trying to discourage me, saying it was too difficult, it's about connections, etc. All the while I'm sitting there with my offer. Now, I don't know if you know about one-on-ones, but the idea is that they stay confidential. The following Monday, the CEO called me into his office and asked me how things were going and how I felt. He wanted to show his appreciation by amending my contract and giving me a raise of 300€ more a month. I took the raise and on the same day, signed a contract with my new company.

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    Yes. Good call, that is exactly what you do! Good work!
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    The games industry is infamous for low pay and endless working shifts. Hope you have found an exception to the rule.
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    @Fast-Nop Unfortunately, I did not. Here in Finland, it's not difficult to land a job in the games industry if you're already an experienced developer, but low pay and grueling hours are still quite apparent. I'll be sure to talk on my experiences there in my next few rants.
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