So I got accepted and committed to Drexel. That's pre cool I guess. I'm going for CS, but feel like I'm completely unprepared for college. I've been told that college is nothing like CS which kinda worries me because apcsa was a bit challenging. I have a few years of self learning but I'm still concerned how I'm gonna perform. I think the biggest struggle will be the math courses. Anyone else going through this or have gone through this?

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    Drexel is a pretty cool place.
    I've also just gone to a different country to study, master courses here (also UG) are really really hardcore compared to the stuff I had in undergrad in my country. Just don't be macho and overload yourself and you should be good.
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    @RememberMe oops, I'm doing a bachelor's and masters accelerated program 😂😂
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    I switched from CS to IT because I was tired of the math classes required for CS (it wasn't solely this, but it did play a big role).
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