Continuing with my previous story. Before I move onto my 2019 game industry arc, I'd like to do two or three side stories still on the fashion company.

Beginning with the marketing manager's resignation. The MM and I are good friends. He looks mean and like an Aryan poster boy, but he's a big ol' softy on the inside. When I first moved to Finland from the U.S., we quickly became friends. Him and his gf invited me to lunches, parties, ski / hiking trips up north, trips to countries down south, etc. Needless to say, my experience here would not have been as enjoyable without him.

I don't necessarily consider the MM part of "management" in this case, since the CEO and CFO ignored all of his ideas and involvement. For example, the CEO, CFO, and CTO had a meeting with a local marketing agency to discuss rebranding the entire company without informing the MM. Naturally, the MM confronted then on this asking why he wasn't included as it heavily involves his duties. The CFO told him that he shouldn't be asking those kind of questions and it was rude of him to bring it up. It seems that throughout this start-up, they've hired people for the sake of assigning titles to them, but not allowing them to actually make any influence on the start-up, which is essentially the whole point of working for a start-up.

Seeing his questions as a problem, the CEO and CFO approach the MM and tell him that once he gets back from vacation, they'll all have a meeting, sit-down, and hammer out the issues with management. So, the MM has a nice vaca, comes back a week later, and instead of having a civilized meeting, the CEO drops a piece of paper with a grievance notice on the MM's desk, then he and the CFO fucks off for the day. The thing about this grievance notice was that it:
1) Claimed the MM was not fulfilling his duties.
2) Causing disorder in the office.
3) Was printed from an internet web page (not even an official document, just a form they filled out on a web page, filled out, and cheaply printed.
4) Was in terribly broken English despite both parties being native Finnish speakers.
5) Everyone else in the office knew this was bullshit.

The notice required him to sign it acknowledging the claims to be true, which I advised against and he agreed. I mean what fucking cowards are these guys. The next day, he declined signing the notice, which led to the CTO being called in by the CEO as a witness to him not signing it.

The MM resigned that week. What he never mentioned was during his vacation, a marketing agency offered him a job with better pay and benefits. He's been doing well.

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    Argh, dying to know this company just to steer clear of them and hoping none of my acquaintances work there.
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    @ojrask Moi! No worries, after writing these posts, I was curious about the current status of their company. Seems like they've fallen into a 493,000€ debt within the past year.
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    @HelsinkiCodes ooof, they got hit hard haha!
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