New year, new problem. I’d like to thank the chucklefucks working at Shopify who though it would be a good idea to roll out the change to app creation, whereby there is now a custom and a public app type.

Great job considering all the use cases. Well, except the one for when the app is going to be private and unlisted. You might have missed that one, and the need to get it reviewed is a bit irritating. Oh, and now I think about it, not being able to install custom apps on more than one store is also problematic. Just remembered, not being able to convert custom apps to a sales channel is also irritating. Oh and now needing to have an app reviewed before you can even begin development on it was also a bad decision. In fact, now that I think about it, custom apps are fucking useless, and public apps are crippled and pretty fucked as well. Good thing that I can now spend hours salvaging a bunch of old apps that were created before the arbitrary December 9th cutoff that don’t have the stupid restrictions.

Also, thanks for the heads up, I love discovering changes that break development process and beta testing via a fucking blog post that is unlisted in the documentation and has to be discovered on google. Top job informing your ‘gurus’ about the change, I love waiting for an hour whilst they ‘escalate’ the issue to some other desk jockey, who also has no fucking clue.

In fact, thank you for everything, from the constantly changing workflows, the random depreciations, the arbitrary restrictions, the piss poor API response times, the circlejerking partner support chat, and all the rest of it. Never stop sucking. ‘Till the next time you curl a massive steamer of an update, fare well.


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