Scrum master certified!!

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    As useful as an ashtray on a moped
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    lol I've miss read it at first as "scum master certified"

    congratulations scum master! 😄
    so what did it take to do so?
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    @heyheni I read "scrotum". Fuck my life.
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    Is that misreading 'scrum' agile or machine learning?
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    Congrats! ;)

    Are there different certification styles, houses or levels?
    Like, scrum zen-master for orchestrating up to 20 teams or laissez faire PR and Ninja style for product owners (green belt)?
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    @scor there are different agile frameworks. This one was the SAFe framework which is big. They all rotate around the agile manifesto with their own takes on ways of practice. No levels to it that I’m aware of but there is different training for becoming a product owner.
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    @Mr-Myrk right....understanding the overwhelming management process and philosophy that makes up the modern development team is useless.... I’m curious what your position is that makes you think such a key factor in a development position is useless
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    Whatever. I’ll judge you more critically just because of that.
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