Guess the forum:

*Googles for how to do something specific using library X*

Answer 1: Here’s how to do something else with library X.
Answer 2: I don’t think you need to do what you’re trying to do in library X. And even if you do, fuck you, I’m condescending and clearly the smarterest, here’s a solution for a question that you didn’t ask that’s tangentially related.
Answer 3: You can use library Y to something vaguely similar to what you’re trying to do. Disclaimer: I wrote library Y.
Answer 4: I don’t like library X. It sucks at *insert niche case that is completely irrelevant here*
Answer 5: Some broken code that isn’t even in the same language as the original question.

*closed as off topic*

Good talk, glad we had this chat :/

If you guessed StackOverflow, congratulations! You clearly have the experience to join the Fuck StackOverflow club!

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    Question: How do I get <random-website-effect> in pure CSS?

    Answer with +75: Here, have some jquery.
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    Where is that club located and will you pay my flight?
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    @metamourge don't forget that it's the accepted answer
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    I almost felt bad that I guessed StackOverflow due to the fact that I've more or less had answer 2 before on it.

    I remember when So had standards, was good times.
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    @metamourge even when specifically asking for "non-jquery solutions" or "pure javascript" there will be at least three massive chunks of $(jQuery). Breaks me everytime.
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    I don't mind people offering answers that ignore specifics of the questions as much as the overzealous "closed as duplicate" admins.

    Yes, I know questions about fruit have been asked before, but before you closed it, I was ACTUALLY asking about oranges, not apples...
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    > Guess the forum:

    Here's one for you:

    I ask a difficult question...

    Only one answer, that I don't understand so far !

    I've also tried a few other places, only silence there !

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    Or maybe library X isn't suited for the specific task. 🤷‍♂️
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