I should have become a journalist. A bunch of dumb ass engineers figured out how to make 160 character tweets into a “viable” “business” and now it could be my job to just repackage those tweets into a “news” “article” because apparently stupid bullshit that people say on “Twitter” matters...?

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    Calling it journalism is a stretch. But I know what you mean. Anger and outrage generates clicks, and clicks equals money in the pocket. What generates outrage? Racism. Sexism. And all the other 'isms and 'phobias' they throw around like shit and hoping something sticks. Is the demand higher than the supply? Enter Twitter.
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    @PublicByte can’t tell if sarcasm. I think Twitter is legitimately stupid. And I think people writing “news” about who tweeted what is even stupider.
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    @PublicByte I want to dir
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