Ok so am a little happy right now. A while ago i was feeling so bad about my life and for doing only Android dev for last 2.5 years and nothing else.

I was getting ugly or no job offers and was considering learning more about other techs like webdev , java advance , block chain nd other stuff that i don't like or used

So i started madly applying from internships to jobs , from companies offering so low that i would hate to work with ( i am a final yr undergrad tho, so should not look onto salary as the main factor i guess) to salaries so high and companies so international that i was sure would never be offering me something

2 days ago i got a interview call with a small decent company paying not too much. I went there , gave the interview , looked into their conditions and found it nice. The next day i got a call for being selected and today i am here working with their team. They are super dedicated and super helpful and the perfect environment i could wish to work in (as of now) ♥️. They have large working hours and is a little too far from my home, but i am okay.

But since last night i have been getting mails from other companies that i have applied to. And even from the ones i didn't even expected to get a mail! I think given my college situation and with such a lovely environment here, i would not be ditching these guys but humbly turning down other big offers is such a weird thing for me. Feels like i was a beggar before and today this guy is getting offers to choose burgers when he's having nice home food

Finally my worth is acknowledged! I feel blessed and weird at the same time.

I don't know how to translate this hindi phrase to english but i hope " ki nazar na lag jaye" ;)

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