you are crowding my google search results with your garbage websites. We have to weed through pages of absolute shit and add arguments into our search in order to arrive at the documentation.
go do it right now and feel my pain.
for any "how to x" you will get hundreds of useless y's
these stupid ad cock sucking faggots just take one piece of a piece of the documentation then fuck the metadata of their site. You are not helping anyone. They go on and on for paragraphs about the stupidest shit then give one piece of code that doesn't work.
go suck marketing dick and stay away from computer science

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    welcome to devrant.

    ++ from getting right da tags.

    "... THESE STUPID DUMBFUCK TUTORIALS" did you mean "Medium" perhaps?
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    Probably because the documentation is not there to provide answers to "how to" questions
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    And they never update their tutorial again or take it down.
    "Oh well, that could be useful"
    -> 2020, Current library version 10.5
    Tutorial written 2015, Library version 0.2
    I always put Google to Results from last month or year
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    Fuck yeah
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    @JhonDoe Tags are WRONG

    devrant is for rants about the devrant

    rant is the category for general dev rants

    Please use correct one next time.
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    Completely agree with you mate. These people make tutorials for the sake of it to bump up their "developer portfolio" online. Doesn't matter if they make good tutorials. As long as they make a tutorial about something, it seems like they are a subject matter expert although they know no shit
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    It does seem to be very commom that I come across some random persons website they treat as a portfolio while quite literally just copy-pasting what every other portfolio site has.

    This is why I do technical tests on potential employees and don't really take into account such things, as in my experience an online portfolio in the form of a blog site is often fake and serves to lessen their application.
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    @Gregozor2121 you got a point but is just one wrong. The others are ok, it's a first rant and got that many tags right imo
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