Stuuuuupid! Who invents the crazy idiot ideas that somehow gets implemented in television sets? I stay at a new flat temporarily and connected my trusty little media computer to the Sony set. I was surprised to note that the tv didn't show the whole picture, the corners got cut of. First I thought the screen didn't support 1920*1080 but it did say 1080. I checked the display settings in Ubuntu and all seemed fine. Scratching my head I proceeded to look around the Sonys settings. As unorganized and ugly as these ui:s always are. And there it suddenly was, a setting with the default value enchanted and one other alternative: pixels. What the flying fishies?! Selecting pixels normalized the screen. So the default setting was to zoom the picture slightly to make it "better". What idiot made that innovation happen? It's like putting a lens in front of the screen. Stuuuuuuuupid! Whyyyyy?

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    Well when TV sets installed hidden cameras to spy on you is probably when that happened. I dont connect my TV to internet, ever. I just use it as an HDMI monitor and analog receiver. For casting I use Connect with an app on Android. Funny thing as well. My TV supports the 4K res, I only ever use it as 1920x1080... wasted money.
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    @Demolishun nah. I never connect TV:s, I connect my Ubuntu mini computer and hook it with HDMI. But I still have to use the settings on the TV. And that is always a pain. And in this case crazy enough to become a rant. What I want from you is an explanation, what are these people thinking?????? What kind of team comes up with this idea, approves it, implement it and makes the fault default and ships it onto an unsuspecting world? Wtf.
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    @Ubbe market response, how MOST are using these devices. ie old people that want to see their TV program better. Not us whipper snappers that actually want generic unencumbered hardware.
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    Overscan has been a standard feature in TVs since forever, because broadcasters insert all kinds of shit to the edges of the image. That's always the first thing you disable when you plug a computer in.
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    My parents got a new Philips TV last year and I was positively surprised at how bearable the settings menu is. I disabled its WiFi one day without telling them, they can use the Shield TV I gifted them for YouTube - though both are running Android TV, I am not sure for how long the TV will get updates..
    (poor, underutilized Shield!)

    Btw: No Overscan. Which imbecile would decide to enable that by default on HDMI anyway?
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