Decent docs end up saving 10x or more of the effort put into them. It's a pretty good ROI.

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    Docs is just docs. It doesn't really mean anything. Documentation is like a lot of other things, a waste of time. I end up deleting most of it along with unit tests and other junk.

    This is a problem in software development. People make statements like docs make everything better, unit tests make everything better.

    Broad statements like that are bullshit.

    You can't just document stuff and magic ROI. You have to know what and what not to document as well as how to do so effectively if you ever hope to see any ROI.

    Doing anything superfluous in general terms to writing the code that you need, that is the only requirement is more likely to waste time than anything else. There's a whole art to these things and being able to get anything out of them. Otherwise 9 times out of 10 you wont and most people don't know the art but do it anyway.
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