Apple and Qualcomm drive me mad with their view of developer resource licensing. The value of both of these companies is entirely derived from the adoption of their hardware due to the software ecosystems that run on it. So why, pray tell, should I have to fucking pay to have the privilege of developing software for their platforms? Apple takes a 30% cut of everything, and gains value from having a bunch of developers developing for them. And the resources provided to developers are complete dogshit. Never mind the shitty developer portal where nothing is tagged properly, indexed or easily searcheable, but in plenty of cases (I’m looking at you Appkit) the documentation simply doesn’t exists, and you have to burn a TSI for Apple to go and actually find the documentation internally. WTF.

Similarly, Qualcomm wants 3K for a developer license. Fuck off! Anything I develop with your SDK runs on your hardware alone, so why fucking lock that, the spec sheets, the the documentation and all the other stuff up??! How is one supposed to evaluate whether your platform is any good if you charge 3K upfront for documentation before we even start talking about buying dev hardware, support, etc...

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    Apple is dogshite but Qualcomm's tech is state of the art.
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    I agree, Qualcomm makes great stuff. I just find it immensely irritating that you can’t actually evaluate it without paying some fee upfront, when the licensing fees are already built into the cost of the hardware that one buys from them
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