FX [ Swears.. ]

AMD graphics card, headless Windows 10, latest W10 update, now only 640 x 480 resolution available !

Time to get and try:

> HDMI Dummy Plug,Headless Ghost,
> Display Emulator

Be warned !

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    Avoid windows. Got it.
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    Figured out a working solution

    Disable graphics card.

    Enable graphics card.

    Turn off PC, turn on PC.

    I tried rebooting instead, and it just hung..

    But its all working as before now, hurray !

    I tried all the other suggestions I could find online first and none worked !
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    Related link:


    > Unfortunately there is no fix for this
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    Oh its fine if you don't mind a constant stream of things to fix almost every day, or several times a day !
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    @Nanos is that the default solution to all windows hardware problems? I recently discovered that if i don't completely shut down my machine after using windows, booting into linux will only allow me to use the default speakers. Hd audio from the hdmi port is detected but doesn't work and the headphone jack won't even show up at all. According to pulse anyway, I really haven't taken the time to try and troubleshoot it yet.
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    Hdmi dummy plug helps.
    I have a similar problem with linux running headless. If no monitor is plugged in, then the gpu is just turned off and I have found no other way to solve this. I use IME on my internal network when i need console access for emergencies. So hdmi plug solved my issue.
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    > I recently discovered that if i don't

    > completely shut down my machine

    > after using windows

    Reminds me of W10, if I just hibernate, that only works for about a week, if you try for 2 weeks, it just crashes / hangs at some random point..

    So, once a week, I must shutdown !

    Still, I should be thankful I've got hibernate working at all, since its taken me 20 years to get it to even get that far !
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    Driver update?
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    Tried that, didn't make any difference.

    Neither did uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.
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