You know how one group always hates other groups.

Cyclists hate car drivers.

Car drivers hate cyclists..

2 wheeled cyclists hate those with 3 wheels..

Well today I saw an argument spill forth from boat owners, those with one hull hating those with two !

hyoo-mäns !

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    And there are people who argue about the JS framework...

    *ducks benhid solid cover*
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    As a pedestrian Ihate cyclists ... and I bet public transport hates pedestrians.
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    This sounds like a bunch of hullshit.
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    That was one of the reasons I got a bicycle, because I was sick of being run over on the pavement by cyclists !

    Less of them on the roads..

    Also a lot of cars on the pavements these days too !

    Public transport is great, if it ever becomes less crowded and you don't see every bus just passing your stop because its full..

    Amusingly, where I am, there is kinda one bus, but its parked in a field and doesn't go anywhere..
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    @Gregozor2121 I’m a js developer and I hate js developers. A modern uncle Tom.
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    @Gregozor2121 Feeble attempt at getting to safety.

    npm install cruise-missile-v2 -g
    let launchPlatform = require (cruise-missile-v2);

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    @Ranchu You fool! I have JS disabled!
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    Me too, they are kind of arrogant and think their code makes the ‘the whole app run’.

    Or worse they have a lot of client side JS experience and decide they have enough skills to fuck around in Node without doing any research.

    back-end and front-end are not cousins not even fucking close
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    I'm a car driver who hates other car drivers.
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    Reminds me of:


    > Scots ruined Scotland
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