Me today:
Sitting in class and just writting what teacher is saying.
Ding ding.
Twitter notif from CD projekt red. (Only reason j have twitter even)
We have to delay cyberpunk 2077 to 17 of September.
Well fuck.
But if that means that the game will be even more bad ass then it already is then ohhhh take your sweat time. We can wait.

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    Delay doesn't sound good. Hope they aren't pressured into rushing the game. No Man's Sky shows that is terrible practice
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    @shoop Delay isnt a bad thing. They have to make the game perfect. Theh built lot of hype for it. If they fail to deliver that then future for cdpr doesnt looks so good.
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    @shoop also who would they be pressured by ? They are the devs and publishers.
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    @Haxk20 maybe some deals were struck behind the scenes, that added pressure. Also. I agree with u. A game from should be well polished to keep cdpr's record clean
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    Plot twist - 2077 is going to be the release date.
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    @shoop The Witcher 3 was delayed two or three times. And it was one of very few games in many years that actually felt polished and complete.

    Delays aren't inherently bad, it mainly becomes a problem if the delay happened because of severe mismanagement.
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    @hatemyjob cyberpunk 2077 and release date of 16.4.2077.
    Get it now ?
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    @Haxk20 I got the joke but it’d beyond cool if it gets actually released in 2077. That’d be the ultimate troll.
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    @hatemyjob the original game was called cyberpunk 2020, so if they don't release it this year they'll miss a big chance.
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    @deadlyRants they will release it this yesr. The wont miss that. Why do you think they waited so long ? For this.
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