Dont mine monero they said.
It wont make money they said.
Well 1 month later and here we are with results.
So it was expected by the calculator that i would make 8$ without electricity and 2$ pure profit.
Ohhhh so wrong.
11€ (yes € instead of $) and 5€ pure profit.
I mean it isnt much but its pretty decent i would say.

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    Keep in ming that electricity here is pretty cheap and it only eats 120W at 4.12Kh.
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    You could have earned significantly more by using the money you spent on electricity to buy some monero and resell it after its price increased.
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    @Root well thats what im going to do after j have some more monero. I didnt want to invest anything into it. Trying to make as much as possible from nothing
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    "He wants more monero just to stay at home. Well, my friend, you gotta say. I won't pay, I won't pay yeah, no wa-hehe-hey. Na na why don't you get a job?"

    Or was it dinero? Sorry, I like that song.
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    At 4.12 Kilo hours? You mean Kilo Watt Hours?!
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    @JFK422 No jeeeeeez. 4128 Hashes/second.

    Wattage is 120watts per hour.
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    Meanwhile I would have paid >25€ for electricity.
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    @JFK422 do you even hash. Though I give you that it's usually kH.
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    Could you work for me for that price? And also host the hw for me?
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    @electrineer Nope, never hashed some coins. And since hashes arent really a SI-Unit, I didnt really know that this is a thing.
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    @Haxk20 on Linux? I just got a new AMD card that sells itself as "great for mining" - figured I'd give it a try but all the software seems almost exclusive to just Windows and Nvidia. I did find some tool that I could run on my fedora but that one turned out to require the propietary AMD drivers (which I'm not gonna even look at because the open source ones are working fine).
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    @theKarlisK monero uses RandomX now which is purely CPU miner. GPUs are crap for it. Not even close to my 4.1KH/s. Vega does like 2Kh/s ? I think.
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    @theKarlisK you came too late: after the algo change in november 2019, gpus are far less efficient than cpus. Basically, you need a ryzen cpu if you wanna be profitable now, and gpus are unprofitable (unless someone finds a new optimization for them).

    @Haxk20 Vega *used* to do 2kH/s on CN, now it barely does 1.1kH/s, while still eating a lot of power.
    My i3-7100 does 900+ while eating 1/5 of the wattage.
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    @Root but mining is not just about profit: it's an incentive to help keep the network secure from attacks. Without it, there would be no cryptocurrencies (disregarding the PoS that is Proof of Stake)
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    @endor @Haxk20 Ha! Figures. :)
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    @endor second comment indeed. But well the money is a bonus
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    @endor I'm well aware 😊
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