This is story and not a rant about my journey in programming. I've left out some details ofc, some of which I couldn't remember and some I got too lazy to add. They're not that important so I omitted them. There may be a lot of errors but it's almost 3 am and I cba. I'm tried but yeah, just decided to share something because it's been a while. I would also like to hear you guys' journey as well. Maybe they might inspire someone, who knows 🤷🏿‍♂️.

I had a thirst of learning more about computers and how they worked when I was around 13. I started looking into web development because I was really curious how websites worked. I started using cms's like web.com, enjij.com and any other cms I could find back in 2011 to build websites just to get a basic knowledge. A year later I picked up programming because I wanted to start making them by myself from scratch. I did some research and found websites that teach you how to start. I used codecademy and YouTube to teach myself the basics of web programming. It was fine for a while until I got bored and wanted more. I found out about php and it's capabilities. so I learned that using the same methods. I built sites for my Minecraft server, a small e-company I wanted to start and social media sites just for fun. I struggled with bugs and issues of course but that made it fun. The late nights trying to fix them or the late nights where I burst with ideas and was just coding. it was bliss. I wanted to expand my knowledge and tried learning Python but I felt overwhelmed back then and took a break. The years go by, I still made websites using php, js, html and css. I improved my skill with them. Now using OOP, writing sleeker and better code and my web designs improved massively as well as my MySQL abilities. It was time for me to graduate and I wanted to go into computer science but because of how much time spent programming, I fell back on my classes and just barely managed (albeit it wasn't the only reason, I slacked and didn't care because I felt hs was too easy for me at first). I instead went on to do a game design course in Toronto Film School and that's where I learned c# for unity and a little bit of c++ (this shit is so hard bro, I couldn't keep up and I've forgotten most of it). Fast forward, I graduate with decent grades and can now make some pretty nice games. I took a year off after that to look for jobs but as you know, you need experience and it's not easy to get those. I tried making an android app and got stuck with a very simple but that took 4 months to fix and then I burned out. I also lost my programming motivation partly because I felt like I wasn't making anything unique and meaningful. I felt empty so I quit for a while. All my plans fail and I decide to go back to school to upgrade the marks I needed and either do comp sci, mechanical engineering or stem. I forgot to mention btw that my goals shifted from just programming to being an inventor. Anyways, I boosted my grades and I did superbly so I can go into anything I want now. Currently just waiting for my acceptance letter while learning Python again along with react, SharePoint and a few other things to boost my skills and knowledge. I'm slowly getting my mojo back and it's really fun. But yeah that's my journey 😁

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    Forgot to mention that, I'm learning those skills now because I have someone who's trying to help me find a job with those requirements. Anyways, I'm 21 now and life's good ✌🏿
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