Which PHP framework should I use for my school project?

Currently I have zero experience with any PHP framework, so that isn't a factor in deciding what I should pick.
For a school project I'm developing a system that creates a new and "better" user interface for using the electronic lockers. I've found out how these electronic lockers worked and I've built a functional prototype with plain PHP and JS, so without any PHP frameworks.

Because this project is for a pretty big school assignment where research is a big factor (bigger then final product), I want to do some research about PHP frameworks and which one would be 'best'.

The system is quite easy,
- it has a login/register system
- stores some basic data in a MySQL database such as the locker and user data.
- it sends some web requests with php_curl to actually open the lockers.

I'm not really doing the research to find a '3000 times performance increase' or something likje that, but more finding the "best way" to create this project.

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    Why php?

    Simple and quick? SlimPHP

    Properly and OOP? Symfony

    Popular framework? Laravel

    Also, why use raw curl instead of a http library for easier parsing?

    And a few tips:
    - Use typehints EVERYWHERE
    - Use OOP
    - Use an ORM like Doctrine, or active record (meh) Eloquent
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    @alexbrooklyn I chose PHP because I'm already familiair with it. I've considered Laravel but it feels a little overkill for this project.
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    @MrWouter It's a school project so overkill is allowed

    Please consider symfony :3

    And use php 7.4, it has propery types
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    @MrWouter I second the choice of symfony. You can pick the components you want to use.
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    you may want to have a look at svelte.js for the interface. It's dead simple to use. It's not much harder than using html but gets you results quickly.

    Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps

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    .Net core.

    Install VS2019.New => project => MVC With database authentification => done.

    Add your data models, run scafolding.

    Your basic CRUD project is done. Now just add controls and your logic
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    @NoToJavaScript or use Rider 😎

    But yes I'd also advise .NET Core
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    For ease of use, you can develop it in laravel, it has a quite fast learning curve and the community has alot of documentation and examples
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    Chuck Norris would open Notepad and beat the code for assigment out of it.
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    👀 reminded me of something, just gonna drop this here for later
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    Laravel, definitely.
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